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台风!!!!!A New Experience…That’s For Sure…

Posted by on July 9, 2013

Biking in a thunderstorm in Taiwan is no joke. I’d strongly prefer to not repeat that experience.

Right  now, there are reports that a typhoon is approaching Taiwan! The rain is coming down very VERY heavily. This is the first storm that I have witnessed in Tainan… and I am sure that it will leave a lasting impression. Personally, I really like thunderstorms but I like them when I am not out in it.  I was just coming back from a meeting to start discussing and planning how to share American cultures at the high schools that the ambassadors will be visiting. Unfortunately, I was very hungry and ignored the ominous skies to attempt to get some of Taiwan’s delicious foods…

A typhoon is coming!!!!

A typhoon is coming!!!!

That is not the way that it played out, unfortunately. What did happen is that the rain starting pouring down heavily and the skies wasted no time to send down some lightening bolts as well. And there I am…biking in it… I was only too glad to get back to my dorm. Unfortunately, I was soaking wet. It was not fun biking through that, especially since I wear glasses and so I could barely see. On top of that, I ended up falling off of my bike and banging my knee. I am sure you have all had one of those moments…where you just speak the universal language of expletives. I laid there for a moment, looked up at the sky, took several deep breaths, got back on my bike and focused on getting back home. I really wish that my eyes could have just seen what was around and in front of me during that bike ride…I bet I would have been able to appreciate the beauty much more…but in that moment, I was just drenched and my knee was yelling at me for forgetting to pack my Dirty Chinese book…if I am going to fall off of my bike in a foreign country, I could at least practice cursing in the language! Ha!

The storm continues to rage on and there are loud noises of police and ambulances ringing all around me. I highly doubt I will go back out. I will probably just be studying and working on one of my graduate school essays.

Even so, I love storms! They are beautiful and the scenery in a heavy storm is just amazing. I wish I could have captured the storm while I was in it but in that moment it was all about survival…especially since I was biking in Taiwan’s notoriously dangerous traffic and roads!

Right now, I am going to finish my Chinese homework and finish revising one of my graduate school essays! Today, was supposed to be a long day but some meetings were changed around so tomorrow looks to be the jam packed day. I definitely didn’t mind! My legs are still sore from yesterday. Yesterday, I had fun playing one of the most popular sports in Asia: baseball. In this case, we played softball. I have NOT  played softball since high school gym so I was HORRIBLE at it- at first. BUT…of COURSE…I improved lightening fast. Ha!

So much fun! Playing softball!

So much fun! Playing softball!

Seriously, that was unexpected. I workout often and I am confident about my running speed but hitting the ball was an entirely different thing. I was pleased that I was able to apply the tips that I received and actually started connecting the bat with the ball.  Later on, I ended up playing ping pong also… found out that I wasn’t too shabby at that either. I was taught how to hold the ping pong paddle the way that the Chinese hold it. Within 30 minutes of sticking with it, I was actually able to stay in a round much longer than I had ever expected.

My favorite…I enjoyed playing baseball with the other ambassadors and with the language partners from NCKU. We ended up playing ball with some of the locals… and the locals playing were not just college students. One guy just stepped up to the plate in his officer uniform, pulled out his bat and started knocking the ball out of the park.

Had a great time…but woke up this morning with SORE calves. Almost fell out of my bed, I was so surprised. I work out practically every day so I didn’t expect that at all. I guess I know what I will be doing for a higher intensity in workout: softball and ping pong!

My eyes are getting heavy so that is the end of this blog! Thank you for reading!  明天 見! (“See you tomorrow!)

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