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Posted by on June 27, 2013

Ah, so excited! Today, I board my flight to Taiwan. I will be headed to Tokyo and then to Taipei.

I am still doing some last minute packing…go figure.
ANNNDD…I lost a challenge that I would only need the suitcase that I used in the previous post. I clearly needed a bigger suitcase. Currently my suitcase is 38 pds…so with the extra bit that I need to pack inside of it, I hope that my suitcase won’t be over 50 pds. I am avoiding paying $100.00 extra at all cost! O_o This sized suitcase is much better, I think, for a two month trip.

So spacious!

So spacious!

I’ve received excellent help from a UMW alum, Joe Calpin, these past few days! He lives in Taiwan full time. He and his fiancee were kind enough to compose a list for me to help me ensure that I was taking everything that I needed to Taiwan. It was very detailed and extremely helpful! I was flattered that they offered! Also, Joe helped me to ensure that I have a cab to pick me up from my terminal at the airport. He will have a sign with my name on it so I won’t miss him! Before then, I had a map to the Flip Flop Hostel and was going to just figure out the bus route with a friend…but that isn’t wise to do at 8pm. Also, Dr. Larus and Dr. Fernsebner have been very helpful in answering all of my questions as well for how I can gift my hosts etc. I am going to miss people but the great thing about social media is that I can make sure to connect with everyone when I need to! 🙂

I have been updating my ipod so that when I go on runs I will have music. I was told that NCKU has a gym so that will keep me active as well! I brought my Insanity workouts with me! Shaun T always keeps me awake and it will definitely keep me sharp for 5 hours of Mandarin from M-F every week.

I am excited  to meet my language partner and the National Cheng Kung University students. We have all been communicating in a Facebook group and everyone is very welcoming! Definitely excited for the night markets in Tainan… seafood is 太贵了(“too expensive”) here and 很便宜 (“very cheap”) over there. I am sure that I will look like a shrimp by the time I get back to the States. LOL

Ah, I am tired so hope that I can sleep on the flight a bit. When I get to Taipei, I hope that I can shower quickly and go to sleep.

Yes, I need some shut eye. I’m taking an hour right now! So excited!

I’m sure my first question once I get off of the plane will be 厕所在那儿?”Where is the bathroom?”
And, yes, I am armed to the hilt with tissue paper!!! Ha!

明天晚上见!”See you tomorrow night!”

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